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  • Our Services

    We are committed to quality assurance of the products and services we deliver. You can rest assured that our products and services will be working stably and consistently. Investing into quality assurance is to invest in your business stability, and thus-value.

    • Our Core Service
      • Total IT Solutions

        T.O Computer’s Total IT Solutions include:

        • project management
        • complex networking
        • critical-data security management
        • IT service management
        • IT operations management
        • storage management and life cycle management to maximize customers’ IT specific needs
        • in particular of end-to-end solution for small and medium enterprises.
      • Cabling & Wireless Infrastructure

        T.O Computer offers cost effective and versatile computer network infrastructures for organizations of all sizes. We are able to provide a broad range of tailored solutions in complex cabling, network installations to major small and medium enterprises.

      • Complex Networking

        T.O Computer has all facilities and resources to install network infrastructures and configure all supplied equipment, software and other products to complete a fully operational network, including email, internet and other external communications to be shared by all users.

      • Remote Access and Network Management

        Where customers have no significant in-house capability, T.O Computer can provide a remotely administered service to maintain the network functions. This is generally by means of secure VPN connection, or secure dial-back system, to our Customer Support Centre. Service costs can be significantly lower than employing specialist staff within an organization.

      • Project Management

        T.O Computer's teams of in-house and contracted personnel offer a skilled resource for sizing, planning, deployment, installation and supports of the full range of products supplied. This includes the configuration of individual items to the large local network and communications services available to all users with a wide range of branded products to operate on all sizes of network file and print servers, domain controllers, communications servers, web servers, database servers, archive servers, application and terminal servers within multi-processor and multi-disk resilient options, including RAID, NAS and SAN for mission critical and continuously accessible systems.

      • Contracted Support and Maintenance

        T.O Computer offers a range of preventive and comprehensive maintenance agreement for both hardware and software. Pricing is flexible and competitive.